Savoury Cooking

Occasionally, when I don’t have specs of batter clinging to my clothes or stuck on my hair, I venture towards the savoury, spicy side of things

Dan Dan Noodles

On today’s episode of Corona Cucina, we’re making Dan Dan Noodles with Peanut butter instead of Tahini, which tastes sensational! You’re welcome.

The Best Sichuan Chilli Oil

The red hot love affair with sichuan food began in Singapore. In China town. At the Old Chengdu Restaurant. It’s been a steady relationship since the last four years, and there’s no looking back now.

Red Jalapeño Poppers

My favorite favorite party snack! I have NO idea what restaurants in Delhi serve as Jalapeño Poppers, they’re  basically frozen cheese balls with NO chili in it. This my friend, is the real deal. And the best part is that the breadcrumbs are homemade, so you can flavor it with whatever you want. Also, don’t … Continue reading Red Jalapeño Poppers